Coping with an emergency

When dialing – 112 - the standard emergency number in Portugal, the operator speaks a simple English or is unlikely to speak Dutch, German or French. The caller is often reliant on their Portuguese language skills. Being in an anxious state it can be difficult to explain what has happened and all too often the situation is misunderstood and the address unclear.  In contrast, when telephoning the iMERGENCIE Centre, English speaking staff take control of the problem. Immediately summoning an emergency vehicle and speaking in Portuguese they will guide the crew to exactly where they are needed. This spoken guidance is extremely helpful since not all emergency vehicles in Portugal are equipped with GPS and time can be wasted finding the correct location.

For homeowners living in remote or difficult to find properties, staff at the iMERGENCIES Centre will be able to explain the quickest route using a pre-prepared map.  

Clients that join the scheme are visited by a member of the iMERGENCIES staff team and note is taken of the most convenient means of access to the property. For future reference the route is logged onto a computer generated map. Other useful details are put on file including blood group, current medications and allergies. A plastic card is issued carrying this information so that if the client should become incapacitated essential health information is readily available. Contact details are recorded of family members, key holders and neighbors ensuring that if needed practical matters can be attended to, such as arranging for animals to be looked after.

For a small annual fee the service is available by phone on a 24 / 7 basis and in the event of a road accident, when the client might be injured or unconscious, a sticker on the car windscreen alerts authorities to contact the iMERGENCIES Centre. For an additional monthly fee a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) worn around the neck or as a bracelet can be supplied. This is a high-tech, satellite-supported alarm and if activated – even when the client is far away from home – their whereabouts can be traced and a conversation conducted through the PERS.

In the case of a robbery a special silent facility is available. When pressed this allows the iMERGENCIES Centre to listen in to what is happening and to contact the police without alerting the thief. The panic button can also be programmed to keep neighbors, friends or family instantly informed of an accident or problem.

Membership fees and taxes

The yearly membership fee varies depending on the membership category:

  • Individual membership € 77.50
  • Couple membership € 126.--
  • Children under 18 years € 41.50
  • Additional adult living in same household € 59.--
  • Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) € 22.- (members only)
  • Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) €35.- (for Tourists per week)

One-time registration fee € 40,00 per visit / registration (not per person)

The above described values are for a membership and include the present IVA (VAT) of 23%.

10% discount on membership-fees for Members of AFPOP, NCA, Finlandia-Club, Amigos do Museu Sao Bras and Rotary-Club.


iMERGENCIES - Association Emergency & Health Network - Algarve

Associação Portuguese Rede Emergência e Saude - Algarve

CONTACT :  Mark Rink

TELEPHONE : 912 391 022 

OFFICE : 707 910 058 (with language selector PT, NL, DE, EN, FR, ES)


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